JobMatix provides proven reliable job-tracking and RMA (Returns to Supplier) tracking functionality for computer service shops as a support product to both JobMatixPOS and MYOB Retail Manager POS systems. For all customer, stock, sales quotes etc information, JobMatix refers to the relevant retail database. Where MYOB is used, Jobmatix accesses the Retail Manager Jet database in read-only mode only.


JobMatix 3.3 introduced a draft of a new retail POS system as an alternative to MYOB Retail Manager, and as an alternative Retail partner for JobMatix JobTracking. The POS functionality will eventually be available as a dll for JobMatix version 3.3.. Most of the basic retail POS functions are supported, incl Stock Control and Goods Received, serial tracking, customer account and cash sales, most payment types, Cashout facility etc., Account payments and Debtors statements.. Retail Manager users will be able to migrate their staff, suppliers, stock (incl. serials), and customer information from the recent.mdb database to JobMatixPOS using the migration feature. (NB: Sales and Payments are not migrated).

For JobMatix POS users, JobTracking job delivery/sale will be done directly via the POS Sale screen, bypassing the need to scan in the list of job parts (barcodes) into the sale.

(NB: POS functionality in JobMatixPOS dll 3.3.3301.817 is at System Test stage only, and not yet in full release mode. Users should test JobMatixPOS in trial mode only.) See for more information.


New in JobMatix Build 3.3.3327 Job Tracking

1. Transfer a Job to a Different Customer..

A Job can now be transferred to a different customer. This facility is available only via the Active Jobs Tree (via the right-click job Action Context menu).

The user will be asked to select the receiving customer from a popup grid of known customers. When confirmed, the Job Record will be updated with the receiving customer's ID's and CustomerName and CustomerCompany. Also, the Job's service notes will be updated with a record of the transfer.

2. Updates for POS compatibility..

New Form controls have been added for the New version (dll 3303)of JobMatixPOS functionality.

3. Various updates and fixes..

eg.A Fix was made to the manual entry of the Quantity in Add New Part to Job form.. Also, a fix has been made to the ON-SITE SMS function that was causing multiple SMS's to be sent.

Also, the RA Items "Symptoms" column has been expanded to 511 chars//

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Previously- Was new in JobMatix Version 3.3.3311 Job Tracking

1. Attachments- document types expanded..

Attachment files can now be image files (.bmp, .png, .gif, .jpg) or .PDF's, or Office-type documents (.doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, 'rtf, .txt).

2. RA's (Returns)-

The RA's sub-system has had a significant makeover.. The RA's main screen (with the active RAs Tree) has been incorporated in the JobMatix main screen (as an additional Main Tab Page) for smoother performance and improved usability. Also, an extra RA tab page has been added to host a datagrid of current Suppliers, and current RAs waiting for despatch to the supplier. This now enables the user to prepare a package of RA items that are to go back to the same supplier in the one Courier operation. A Group Shipping Label can be printed, as well as a contents list to go inside the package. When the "Group Send" is committed, the system will update all (included) RAs with same Courier barcode, and a status of "Sent".

Also, a column sort feature has been added to the NewRA form (Supplier Invoices ListView)..

3. On-Site Jobs.

Staff can be notified at start-of-day by SMS of any On-Site Jobs scheduled for that day, as well as a reminder SMS which is sent a number of minutes (user-definable) before the job is due. The responsible staff member will also be notified on the JobMatix screen when he/she signs on. See Admin main menu to enable sending SMS's.. Note that the Retail database Staff table needs to have staff mobile nunbers uo to date..

All workstations will attempt to send SMS's when needed. A log is kept in the JobMatix database to enable coordination, and avoid collisions and duplication..

To enable SMS Reminders, check the Main Menu item: Admin-Setup-Enable OnSite Reminders To Staff.

To change the WakeUp Time and the Reminder-Before interval (mins), go to: Admin-Setup-SMS Texts etc.

4. Labour Hourly Rates

These rates can (and should) be defined as "stock" (Service) items in the Retail Stock Table. JobMatix will store only the stock barcodes for the various price levels. The JobMatix Settings must be updated to save these barcodes. (Admin/Setup/JobMatix Settings) Until this is done, Job labour hours may not be correctly priced.

5. Three more SMS Gateways to choose from

Notice has recently been given by eWay that the smsBoss SMS gateway will be withdrawn from service at the end of August 2016. So this release of JobMatix33 provides for three new Gateway options for JobMatix users to choose from and sign up to, as well as continuing support for smsBoss until it expires.

The JobMatix SMS Setup Screen now has option buttons for choosing which SMS supplier (Gateway website) will be used by JobMatix for sending customer notification and staff reminder SMS's. As well as smsBoss, the following Gateways will be supported:

(i) smsBroadcast (;

(ii) smsGlobal (;

(iii) directSMS (

Note that JobMatix will store only one set of credentials (Username/Password). and these will be used to access whichever gateway is chosen. Users will need to decide on which gateway they will be using, sign up and buy some credit, and then get the credentials from the provider and store them in SMS Setup.

Note Also that in the case of "directSMS", the provider has to be contacted to arrange setting up the HTTP API facility on the SMS account. Until this is done, SMS "send" requests from JobMatix will be rejected. Go to for more info..

6. Various other fixes and improvements.

(a) In Job Update, orphan Jobs (those not assigned to any tech) will be auto-assigned to the updating tech when changes are made to the Job. (To enable this feature, check the Main menu Item: Admin-Setup-Auto Assign Orphan Jobs On Update..)

(b) Also, In Job Updating, the Add New Part form has been updated with improved search and lookup functions..

(c) New/Amend Job- a fix has been made to enable the User Passwords to be updated (via Amend Service Agreement).. Also, a Lookup button has been added that can lookup and select from the Staff Table to choose the Nominated Tech.

(d) Also in New/Amend Job- The Service Agreement printed form (On-Site) now includes boxes for the manual recording of of time started and time finished.

(e) In the Active Jobs Tree, Job records in QA (or Suspended) that were being updated by another workstation were shown as still being in the "Started" section of the tree. These will now be shown correctly as still being in QA or Suspended as appropriate.

(f) Various bugs have been fixed. eg. In the JobTracking Customer Grid and Jobs list, a double click will now bring up the Job Service record for viewing/printing.

(g) In the JobTracking main form, grid refreshes have been reduced to a minimum to avoid unnecessary distraction. Also, the signOff timeout is extended whenever the operator changes panels, again to avoid irritating signOff disruptions much as possible.

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Previously- Was New in JobMatix Version 3.2.3203.

(a) Attachments to Jobs and RA's-

-- Jobs and RA's can now have pictures (images) and PDF documents attached to the Job or RA record. New Tables are added to the JobMatix Database to hold the images and documents. The New Job Form now has a provision to add a picture with the Job being received. All attachments can be viewed and managed from Job/RA Main Screens, as well as from Job and RA updating screens.

(b) JobMatix Setup: Business Email address-

-- A provision for the Business Email address has been added to the JobMatix Setup Form. Setup can be accessed from the JobMatix Main Menu bar (Admin/Setup/JobMatix Setup). The Email address will be shown on the New Job Receipt as well as on the Job Delivery Docket.

-- Also, a checkbox has been added underneath the Minimum Charge textbox to enable bypassing actually enforcong the Minmum Charge in costing. If "Do not enforce Min.Charge" is ticked, the Min.Charge will be used for display (printing) only.

(c) New Job Form Changes-

-- System Under Warranty- This designation has been introduced to be able to more easlly identify Warranty Jobs in the Active Jobs Tree. The Warranty Job Ticket is dark violet, and this takes precedence over the Priority colours. In the Active Jobs Tree, a Warranty Job will be marked with a violet star icon.

-- Accepted-Job/Booked-in Job- Job Bookings are now designated/indicated with a checkbox on the New Job Form..

-- Printer Selection Dropdowns have been added for printing all documents from the New Job Form (as per RA's ). This takes away the need to go back to the Main Screen preferences to select the printers.

(d) Service Record Update Form Changes-

This form has undergone some re-design in order to accommodate some new features. The actual work recording Tab Control has been inset into a Main Tab Control which also holds the Job Requirements panel, as well as the Attachments and the Notifications panels.

-- Customer Service Report- A report print option has been added to the Job Service Record (View/Update) Screen. This will print an A4 Report with content similar to the Delivery Docket, but with Job Work Notes added.. If any images are on file for the job, they can be selected from the Attachments panel to be printed on the report also.

-- Printer Selection Dropdowns have also been added for printing all documents from the Job Service Record Form. Again. this takes away the need to go back to the Main Screen preferences to select the printers.

-- Session Time Selection- The single dropdown (combo box with 15 min intervals) has been replaced with two dropdowns (whole Hours and Tenths of hours) to give a finer resolution to session time recording. Also, if the Do not enforce Min Charge checkbox was ticked in JobMatix Setup, this will allow the bypassing of the minimum charge here where appropriate.

(e) JobMatix Main Screen-

-- Returning Jobs to the input Queue- A Job that has already been started can be returned to the Queued section if needed, even if value items have been added. This is achieved by selecting the Job in the Job Tree, and selecting "Return to Queue" from the (right-click) context menu. The same option has also been aded to the Job Actions Toolbar on the RHS Job Detail panel.

-- Also- Returning Jobs to the Wait-List- A Job that is queued for starting can be returned to be Wait-listed via the same context menu.

-- Wait-List-ed jobs can be made less prominent by ticking the "Hide WaitList" checkbox, and clicking on "Refresh".

-- Job Alerts- The yellow Alert triangle has been dropped. A Job with a current Alert is now shown with dark blue font colour.. As of this version, the alert can also be cleared by selecting "Clear Alert" on the right-click Context Menu. (Any Alert is also cleared when Job Service Record is updated).

(f) RA's -

-- Item Labels for RA parts can be printed (same as for Jobs).. The New RA form has an additional (label) Printer Selection Dropdown, and a new Print Label button.

-- A Supplier Address Update (Refresh) button has been added to the RA Request Panel to enable supplier address and phone info to be updated into the RA Record from the Retail Database if necessary.

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What was New JobMatix 3.1.3107 Job Tracking
(a) JobMatix Startup-

-- The splash form has been discontinued to improve startup performance. For admin users, a Startup form is offered for access to DB Create/Restore functionality.
-- All JobMatix local settings files, runtime log files and schema text files have been relocated to the "system" data directory (ie folder) c:\ProgramData\JobMatix31 (away from the app. runtime directory).
-- Also, more Help Info has been added to various forms.

(b) New Job Form-

-- The capacity of the Problem Description text box (and DB column) has been expanded to 4000 chars to allow for more detail in logging the customer problem.. (However, not all this will print out on the Service Agreement due to lack of space).. The DB column will be expanded at runtime (first time) and this will be reported with a popup msg.
-- Bug fixed in ON-SITE jobs. (Amending job was causing loss of priority and ON-SITE status).

(c) Job Service Update-

-- The labour hours previously booked to the job can now be cleared to zero (in case wrongly entered). This event is logged to the service notes to help tracking.
-- Also, a full-text stock search has been added to the stock lookup form for adding parts.
-- A bug that occasionally printed incorrect hours on the Service Record has been fixed.
-- On the Service Record printout (for Delivery), a new total value of Parts and Labour hours been added.

(d) Jobs Treeview-

-- The current tech job "owner" has been added to Job info line.
-- A bug that was causing the tree refresh to take excessive time has been fixed.

(e) RA's -

-- A printer selection drop-down has been added to New/Update RAs form..
-- Also, on the New RA form, the F2 key can be used to look up the product barcode from the stock table if the product code is not available.

(f) Customer Notification's (SMS)-

-- A facilty is now provided for any or all of the Customer's Title, Firstname and Lastname to be injected into the SMS text by JobMatix before the SMS is sent. This will occur when any of the speclal tokens "&&title", "&&firstname" or "&&lastname" (respectively) is encountered in the text. The JobMatix user can profile the shop's standard SMS texts (via SMS Setup) to insert these tokens, and /or can insert these manually in the text before SEND is pressed,..
NB. These token names will refer to the Retail Manager Customer columns "salutation", "given_names", and "surname" respectively.

(g) Building Quotes into Jobs -

-- Normally, the Quote analyser wants to see a basic chassis part (eg motherboard) listed in the quoted parts for every job that is to be built from the quote. When not present, the user was faced with "Can't Build" result. In this new release, and in this case, a checkbox is shown to give the user the option to continue and build ONE job from the contents of the quote...

Previously- was new in JobMatix 3.0.3083

Date Promised: This is a new optional field that is now available on the New Job (Service Agreement) form. On the Active Jobs Tree, any job that carries a Date Promised will show the Job text line in orange if the job is due, and in red if overdue. The Job Details Panel (Main screen RHS) will also show the Date Promised if relevant, as well as a Due/Overdue indication.

On-Site Jobs (Customer site calls): Since On-Site jobs are usually scheduled in advance, they need to be tracked on a calendar basis, rather than on a FIFO basis as with workshop jobs. In JobMatix, On-Site jobs follow the same work cycle as in-house jobs, and can have labour, service and stock items attached as needed. This means that on-site jobs and their charges can be accounted for in the same way as other jobs.

On-Site jobs can now be created via the New On-Site Job button, and with the completion of the New Job (Service Agreement) form. They can be tracked normally via the Active Jobs Tree, and can also can be tracked separately on the new On-Site Jobs Schedule Tab on the main screen. NB: the fields Date Promised and Time Promised are mandatory for new On-Site jobs.

Jobs and Customers

Creating new Jobs: As before, a customer has to be selected before clicking on "New ... Job". To select a customer, click on the Customers tab on the main screen, and browse the retail customer grid. If the customer is not found, then switch over to the Retail Manager application itself to create the new customer record; then browse again in JobMatix to select the customer for the job.

-- For more Info on JobMatix see:

Updated 21-January 2017.. JobMatix v3.3.3327.0121.

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